Choose one of our best rice meal combinations. Enjoy 2 or 3 traditional Chinese dishes, followed by the rice or noodle of your choice. From this year, We will give a free fortune cookie together with the meal as your lucky gift. 

We are happy to share the best feast with you and provide as many varieties as possible in the hot bar.


Traditional Chinese fried noodles and noodle soup. Coated with most flavored traditional sauces or with slow-cooked Beef/chicken soup. Enjoy your noodle meal with us and have an inspiring day.



You can order traditional Chinese dishes on our menu which you do not often see on other Chinese fast food franchises. We created a new concept of spicy chicken, braised beef rib with tomato, fried pork, secret beef and so on.


Street food

With a respect for the traditions of Taiwan, the street-food inspired menu remains faithful to authentic Taiwanese flavor. We want to bring home cooked flavors of Taiwan to Melbourne streets. 


We want to bring in the most authentic tastes, textures and traditions of the classic Chinese style dumplings and Dim Sims.   Whether steamed or fried, vegetable or meat, roll or dumpling, there is a delicious bite here to tempt everybody’s taste buds.